Independence Day Is A Celebration for Some, Not All.

I do not celebrate the 4th. I haven’t for years. Why? While America fought the British in order to be free from what they viewed as tyranny, they held people of color in captivity as property. This of course was after this land had been sytematically taken from it’s native peoples under the banner of manifest destiny. 

Until we as a nation celebrate with equal vigor the Emacipation Proclamation and Juneteenth (the actual day many slaves were freed to subsequently live under Jim Crow laws) I cannot participate in this holiday so rooted in hypocrisy. 

History matters and it cannot be reduced to what we make it because it’s more convenient. 

Frederick Douglass eloquently critiqued celebrating the 4th of July. Listen as James Earl Jones reads every penetrating word.

If you are interested in the full speech by Frederick Douglass, click here

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