Engaging “White Privilege”

In a recent trip to South Africa, I was asked the question, “How do you engage ‘white privilege’?” Here’s a video of my answer…

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  1. Loved the video. I have taught on white privileged for years at auburn university to mostly all white classes. I found it to be very eye opening for them and some are changed forever. A lot of the points you make I also made.

    It’s so funny. My mostly all white students became so comfortable that they even engaged in sharing their culture experiences. So funny they came to class and were like Ms. Ramsey, we had so much fun at rodeo. Can we show you some pictures. I’m thinking have they forgot I’m black! Lol “Rodeo is the outside southern party with all things confederate and old Dixie” so I tell them they can use the computer to pull up the pics to be shown on the projector screen in class. They begin explaining how they searched so hard to get the best old Dixie outfits, confederate flag outfits. Discussed how they were trying to look red neck, etc.

    Once I got my thoughts together. Lol. They were so excited. I use it as a teaching lesson and several of those students have become Christians and have a new lens to view race, the south and white privilege.

    And this is in auburn, al. Which is still very southern and not that far removed for slavery and Jim Crow. Some of my students discussed how their parents and grandparents are Kkk members and can’t stand blacks or poor white for that matter.

    There are lots of people not willing to listen. There are also lots that God has prepared their hearts and ears to listen.

    Thanks pastor, keep fighting the good fight!!

  2. Great blessing thanks for your answer on engaging the South Africans on white Privilige Am in South Africa right now and its a sad to see how difficult it is for our brothers to engage white privilage am from a Zambia two countries north of South Africa and i empathies with our brothers on the level towards which this dynamic has had an impact on there life and how it has affected there live in so many ways.There really is need to engage our brothers on alot of things what i am seeing on the ground looks like it will take them(our brothers) to shake off that “mindset”their oppressors had a hold on them.Africa is really Dynamic its strange that some parts of the continent has ‘snt really dealt with this that doesnt mean that they dont have thier own issues in different dynamics of life.Its Hard Road for the black man but we gotta navigate the road for us and our Children.we are not there yet but thru faith,resilience,education on self as a people we will get there.I iam reading this book the roar of an afican lion i recommend you read it too by a nigerian Chika Onyeani great book i think many of our people need to read it so liberating.Take care brother and all the best with that man child on the way,his sisters and thier mother.We honor God for u.

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