When God Changes a City – A Prayer for Atlanta

Here is a prayer that Renovation prayed together at our gathering last Sunday at the end of the sermon “When God Changes a City,” preached from Acts 19:1 – 35…

God I pray too safe, and believe too little. Would you help me to pray dangerously? Would you help me to pray foolishly? Help me God to pray in such a way that when that which I have prayed for is accomplished, there will be no doubts that God and God alone has answered. And that God has visited us in a unique and significant way.

With that Lord, I pray for a city wide renewal, so powerful that it rivals the great awakening! I will not be satisfied with less. I pray that those confused about what they believe would receive Jesus, and be filled with the Spirit.

I pray that racial, social, economic, and educational barriers be broken down, and that from Atlanta, all the nation would hear the good news of the gospel. I pray that You would do miracles God, and I’d see people healed holistically. I pray that Jesus name would be made so great that people would come in off the street, confessing their idolatry, and destroying their idols.

I pray that the economic systems that support trafficking, pornography, strip clubs, drug abuse, and all the idols that plague Atlanta would be shut down and irrevocably altered. And I pray that the places that house and host them would close forever. I pray that places of false worship would cease, and that those who oppose the gospel would be riotous because they don’t know what else to do to stop the change it’s causing.

God, I pray that you completely and thoroughly change my city…I will not be satisfied with less. Let it be here, let it be now, let it be us. In Jesus name, amen.

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