You Pray too Safe

And so do I… I have grown weary with myself and the meager prayers I pray. “Give me health,” “keep my family safe,” “fill this room.” Those are all fine prayers, but they lack the desperation of a man longing to see a city change…a culture shifted toward Christ.

But what if….what if we asked God to give us bold prayers, ridiculous city and people changing prayers? Prayers that move God’s hands with both power and compassion. Prayers that can only be accomplished by the hand of an almighty God, and not by the ingenuity of even the most clever and gifted individual. So here is the prayer that I will be praying as I ask God to help me-

God I pray too safe. Would you help me to pray dangerously? Would you help me to pray foolishly? Help me God to pray in such a way that when that which I have prayed for is accomplished, there will be no doubts that God and God alone has answered. That God has visited us in a unique and significant way.

If you long to see the impossible happen, will you pray this prayer with me?

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