True Spirituality

Last weekend at Renovation I preached a message called “spirituality” from Psalm 119,  in which we concluded that true spirituality is a delight in God, his will, and His word. But, we determined,  this is difficult. The religious among us will get the will and word part. They will obey, and tell everyone how good they are at obeying; and look down their nose on those who have difficulty doing so; but they will lack all joy and delight in who God is. They follow from fear, or out of duty, but never delight.

The irreligious, they get the delight part. They love the idea of God loving them, but to follow His every word; to find identity in Him and him alone; to trust and obey; this is something that rubs them the wrong way. Because they don’t feel free when told to obey; they don’t feel self-actualized when told that there are rules in this life, and instruction given by God to govern the world.

Though they seem different, they really aren’t. You see they are both means of self-justification; the first by joyless obedience to the law of God, and the second joyful delight in being a law unto themselves. Both are methods of self-developed and self-defined spirituality. Both are a longing to rule, purify, and be defined by who you are and not who God is.

The beauty of the scriptures is that it is one story, one promise from the Old Testament to the New, and the beauty we find in the words of the psalmist in Psalm 119 is that God doesn’t want either of those positions.

God longs for a joyful delight in knowing and serving Him, and He gives us the means to do so in Jesus. Jesus justifies us so that we not only have the ability to obey God, but the delight of knowing Him intimately.

Spirituality is found in union with Jesus, and how we express that spirituality is not by emptying but filling; not by looking in but looking up; not by trusting in my higher self, but trusting in the resurrected Savior and His reconciling work in the world; not by focusing on the energy of the universe but focusing on the word of God, the One who created the universe. In this way we are truly spiritual beings, and our source is the only Eternal and Divine, most Wise and Wonderful God of the universe!

With that in mind I thought it would be helpful to provide a tool that can help us be more “spiritual” by drawing us into the scriptures. Here are a few different reading plans that were constructed by North Point Church, that could be helpful in applying the message.

Bible Reading Plans

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