A Praying Life

Lately I have been convicted of a reality that I am still unsure of my  willingness to address…my life is not one of rich, intentional, and thoughtful prayer…at least not as much or as often as it should be. With the workload of leading and launching Renovation I have lost focus and lost sight of the fact  that all of my effort, all of our ingenuity, and all of our plans mean nothing if we are not actively seeking the power and presence of God in prayer. It is all vain glory if we are not being led by God for God and His purposes for His church.

Because of this reality I have been seeking, in prayer and devotion, to have my heart stirred again, and have found the thoughts, wrestling, and struggles of others regarding prayer  very helpful.

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing some of these ideas and ideals on prayer in hopes that they will be helpful to you also. These are not prescriptive in nature so much as they are descriptive of the praying lives of many who have come before us and served the Lord Jesus faithfully.

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