Not For Sale-Sex Trafficking in Atlanta

Would you sell your daughter for sex? I am assuming if you are reading this blog, probably not…but, there are many in the city of Atlanta who would and do. Craigslist, Backpage, and others like them are site’s routinely used to buy sex from children… young girls under the age of 18, and it has to stop! Men can go on these sites and shop for girls as though they were shopping for a new set of golf clubs…I use golf clubs as an analogy because statistically in Atlanta the largest concentration of men seeking to pay for sex from children are those in the North Metro area of Atlanta(A Future. Not A Past, 2010), outside of the perimeter, where the greater majority of this cities wealth resides.


North Metro OTP-42%


South Metro OTP-23%

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Area-10%

7200 men knowingly pay for sex with adolescent females each month in Georgia

(A Future. Not A Past, 2010)

It seems the wealthy, moral suburbanite’s are the primary purveyors of this heinous crime….Atlanta stand up and get involved. Go to and get involved somewhere.

Church, stand up! Our God is a God of justice, and if you don’t believe that, then you don’t know Him. Fighting this is an implication of the gospel, and the mission of God to make right the brokenness of this world in Jesus. This has to end…

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