What Matters Most

Most days I leave before my family wakes, and there are a few that I have returned when both of my girls were already asleep. It is ridiculous to go an entire day and not see the people who matter most to you…even in the name of the mission of God. Most of us spend so much time running, that we neglect what matters most, and run right through our lives until we wake up one day and wonder where it’s gone. This is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written, but maybe one of the most important. God does not expect us to sacrifice our families at the altar of ministry. If this convicts you the way it did me, repent and carve out time to give your family the best of you, not whats left over.

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  1. Good word bro, good word. Sometimes the most important word for us to say to others is “No”, so we can say “Yes” to the people who matter most. I forget this way too often. Thanks for taking the time to remind us.

  2. this is very true. I agree with 100 percent What gets me is during an altar service in church when the parents are going after God with all their hearts and leave their kids behind in the seats crying..burns me up. Sometimes we can be so focused on getting what God has for us that we leave the “gift or gifts” that God has given unto us behind. God wants the Body to focus on family and the church needs to find a balance.

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