Some Clarifications on Renovation Church Part 2

Our residency is coming to a close on June 1, and we were officially accepted as full members in the Acts 29 network about 2 weeks ago, you can read more about what we are trying to accomplish  here. The reason I share all of this is because since we were announced as full members I have noticed a dramatic increase in blog traffic, and if, like many of you have, someone goes to older post under the label “Renovation Church”  you will find some limited information about Renovation that is now outdated because of the partnership and time-line changes mentioned in Part 1. So I thought it important to make some clarifying remarks about where we are, what we need, and how you can partner with us in downtown(Grant Park).

Currently we are re-initiating  our gathering phase. We need people who love the city, live in the city or would pray about moving here, and want to serve the city and the church by becoming a partner in the building of this church. WE NEED ARCHITECTS! WE NEED PARTNERS! WE NEED PRAYER PARTNERS! So if you are interested please contact me. We are working with a time-line that goes as follows:

Milestones to launch(s)

  • February 1-May 2: Vision Casting/Recruiting Architects Team
  • April 25: Community bible study ends
  • May 16: First official Vision Cast/Architects team meeting
  • May 5: Begin weekly prayer gathering
  • May 16-November 28: Train Renovation Architects in: Gospel-Mission-Community-Vision-Values-Missionality-Incarnating-Culture Making-Hospitality-Mercy-Justice & How Gospel Communities and Fight Clubs will Function
  • August-December: Intentional and strategic missional engagement in our community through:
    • Weekly Parties
    • Back to School kickoff/concert and give away for our adopted schools
    • Community clean up
    • Cause initiatives to fight/raise awareness of sex trafficking crisis in Atlanta
    • Strategic and genuine serving through various social organizations
  • September 26-October 2: Launch Gospel Communities and Fight Clubs
  • October 3: Gathered Worship for Launch teams/Gospel Communities begin
  • November 14 & 28; December 12 & 26; January 9: Preview/Preparation Gatherings
  • December 1-January 15: Media build up/strategic story leaks surrounding our reason for launching on Dr. Kings birthday
  • January 16: Launch Renovation Church’s public worship Gathering

Give | Pray | Join for the Glory of Jesus, and for the sake of the city!

You can contact me at:

m 770.655.4822


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