Some Clarifications on Renovation Church Part 1

With Renovation coming into full membership with the Acts 29 network recently, I felt I needed to write a clarifying blog post about a few things that may answer some questions you have about the church, our time line, partnerships, story, etc.

In the fall of 2008 after many conversations, and much prayer my wife Breanna and I left Tennessee to move to Atlanta in hopes of living as missionaries to the city, loving the city, and loving our neighbors as an implication of the gospel. We also hoped that through this time we would get a clear vision for planting a church here that would be in the city, for the city, and founded on the gospel.

Atlanta was not actually our first choice, but through untold “coincidences” and God speaking clearly in many ways this is where we have planted our hearts, family…our life, for the sake of Christ, His church, and this city.

In February of 2009 we were invited into candidacy with Acts 29, and began there to work towards building a community of architects that would help me, through God’s Spirit, build a viable, Spirit-led, gospel centered church community in downtown Atlanta. At this time we had no real contacts, no real financial support, or any real resources. We parachuted in with a dream and a vision, and prayed God send us people to help make it a reality.

About 2 weeks after becoming Acts 29 candidates, and through another seemingly endless maze of “coincidences” I met Bob Cargo, church planting director for Perimeter Church, which is a large PCA church located in the suburbs of metro Atlanta. After many long conversations and a government styled background check Bob offered Perimeters partnership and oversight to the work of Renovation Church, with one stipulation, we were required to do a one year residency with Perimeter to learn their best practices, and about their DNA. One year I thought, that was a long time to put of this plant, but after prayer, and counsel from my brothers in A29, and my father, we decided it was best for us and this church in the making, Renovation. At the time I was working about 70 hours a week, going to school, and trying to plant a church…not a good situation, and so I took the residency prayerfully, hoping not to lose the vision God had given me for Renovation in the process.

Because we were now putting off the starting of Renovation for over a year, we dismissed the team we’d already gathered, and transition who remained into an open community bible study, and we have functioned as that since August of 2009.

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