Persecution of Christians in India-(This is Violent,but You Should Watch)

Spurred by an article from Christian news wire, I wrote a post yesterday regarding the new post-Christian America, and the potential it holds to see the the true church rise because of coming persecution. I wrote in there about things that others in the world have suffered for years for the cause of Christ. We have lived for years under the blanket of Christendom, hoping never to face anything like this. Here is an example.

If you can watch this, and not be changed……

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  1. Oh Lord.. I am in tears. I am soo overwhelemed with conviction,I have forgotten about my brothers and sisters. Lord Jesus forgive me.How selfish of me.. Thank you for posting this….. Lord have mercy

  2. Nicole, I felt the same way. We are so comfortable here. And when something does happen, like the two men being shot in the article I posted two days ago,we don’t respond in prayer, we want humanistic justice.

    Becca, it made me sick too. What would happen if we ever were to face this reality in America? We may soon find out.

  3. I did not know things had become this bad in India. This video literally brought me to tears watching our brothers and sisters bear the heavy burden of our faith, while i have sat here with almost no persecution throughout any part of my life. I sat in tears, feeling sick to my stomach at the pain and persecution these people have had to endure, just to believe the same as i do, while i have had the freedom and choice to do so. I think we as Americans have become too “kush” in our lifestyle, and need to remember what people in the past and other countries have had to go through, just to say “Lord Jesus, my Savior and Messiah.” I hope that everyone who sees this realizes how lucky we are to worship freely.

    I pray that God would give me the strength to do what these people have done in this video. I pray that god would protect our brothers and sisters in India.

  4. I stand in that prayer with you Mitch. I sat shattered today, especially in light of what I just wrote yesterday….it was simply overwhelming.

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