Dr. King, His Dream, Grant Park, and our Vision

Dr. King grew up less than a mile from my home, and Grant Park, the neighborhood where we are planting Renovation. He has had a profound influence on my life, as well as this area, and there is little I can say that hasn’t been said. Every year I watch/listen to this speech to remind me of what he fought for, and what we are still fighting for through the gospel.

Yes the gospel reconciles men to God, but it is big, vast, and beautiful, reconciling men to one another as well. This was Dr. Kings dream, a world made right, equal, and just. The gospel does this, and Christ said the Kingdom has come, and we have to live in that reality. As Dr. King had a dream, we borrowed from that language, and we too have a dream of Renovation being a church that would in our lives, fully embody, express and extend God’s values to shape and guide us in joining Jesus in His mission to see Atlanta become a beautiful city: restored physically, culturally, and spiritually through the gospel.

I can only hope that our dream will continue to build on the one Dr. king so passionately presented to a torn nation 47 years ago. And that I can lead a people to serve this community, his community, the way he once did….full of grace and truth.


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